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We offer the best services for digital software

App Development

Businesses that hire a bespoke software development company often do so because of the company's expertise in mobile app development. Greater performance, longer sustainability, and smooth navigation are promised by Vishdarsh International's extensive expertise in creating cross-platform and native apps for iOS and Android.

Cloud and Development Operations

You can manage operations and business processes with ease by applying automation to traditional business systems. Additionally, firms can quickly collaborate utilising the cloud, which also helps them produce more effective and high-quality business solutions

Logistics & Transportation Software

The global economy contributes significantly to the logistics and transportation sector, which also has enormous potential. However, industry officials constantly deal with issues including growing freight costs, a lock of drivers, and crowded warehouses. A skilled team of developers created high-quality modern logistics software as a solution to increase the effectiveness of freight, transportation, and inventory management.

Custom Software Development

Create a unique software programme that reflects the shifting demands of customers and businesses. By creating completely functioning, feature-rich, and interoperable online and mobile applications, Vishdarsh International supports organisations by fostering growth and resolving operational issues.

Staff Augmentation

Our adaptable resource management solution enables businesses to adjust resource levels in accordance with project needs and deadlines. As a bespoke software development firm, we offer vital IT skill sets to bridge gaps in existing teams, satisfy unique corporate goals, and maintain an edge in a cutthroat industry.

Web Development Services

Develop custom web apps that best meet your company's unique demands to expand your business. Utilise the expertise of our software engineers to create scalable web apps that best match your company's environment.

ERP Software For A Trading Company

StackFX Success in a trading firm heavily depends on how you monitor your operational performance and business plans in real-time. Our specially designed trading business solution, StackFX Trading ERP, empowers your trading firm by providing insights on the performance and a clear picture of what you are lacking. With the aid of StackFX, you will be able to better manage your inventory, better anticipate demand, provide accurate reports, and increase the visibility of your company. For your trading company, using an industry-specific ERP will provide you a competitive edge in a market like the Hong Kong. Our ERP software, StackFX, is designed with all the key elements that a trading company like yours would need. StackFX offers it everything, whether it's for managing your sales team or collecting information on your inventory.

Manufacturing ERP Software from StackFX

Vishdarsh provides the ideal answers to all your manufacturing software problems because it was created specifically for the manufacturing sector. To manage all of your processes in real time, use our all-in-one manufacturing ERP. Our programme assists factories in pinpointing their trouble spots, reducing expenses, controlling timesheets, and boosting output. You can keep track of your resources, assign them to work locations, and organise the production process by using an ERP designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. You won't have capabilities like job costing, manufacturing process tracking, inventory monitoring, job scheduling, managing goods and tools, managing raw materials, and controlling quality if you choose a general ERP software for your manufacturing firm. The features of StackFX, our manufacturing ERP, are outlined below in case you are considering making that decision.

ERP software for contractors, StackFX

One of the top contractual ERP Softwares in Hong Kong is StackFX, our unique ERP system designed for organisations who work on a contract basis. By making it simple for you to monitor projects, produce purchase orders, timetables, and other project-related documents, StackFX will help you increase productivity and profitability. StackFX covers all aspect of contracts, from financial accounting to job cost accounting. The efficient utilisation of resources and adaptable project management are crucial for a contracting business. Companies in the contracting business should be able to demonstrate that they use the resources efficiently in a market as competitive as the Hong Kong. With the aid of StackFX, you can plan projects effectively, streamline administration, estimate costs and revenues, control information flow, and arrive at wiser judgements. Examine the thorough list. You can keep track of your resources, assign them to work locations, and organise the production process by using an ERP designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. You won't have capabilities like job costing, manufacturing process tracking, inventory monitoring, job scheduling, managing goods and tools, managing raw materials, and controlling quality if you choose a general ERP software for your manufacturing firm. The characteristics of StackMX, our specialised ERP system for the manufacturing sector, are detailed below in case you're considering making a decision.

Software for Textile ERP

You are in one of the most cut throat businesses in the nation if you work in the garment or fashion sector. You will have a competitive advantage over your rivals by utilising an ERP Software that is especially suited for the textile sector. You can streamline the whole manufacturing process, manage inventory, handle purchases, and distribute completed items with the aid of textile ERP software.

ERP Applications for Small Businesses

Do you want to purchase ERP software for your small business but are concerned about the costs? There are ERP solutions that can accommodate both your needs and financial limitations. When your company starts to expand, reliance on spreadsheets to manage your operations, whether you are a startup or a small corporation, may become a headache. What you require is an ERP system that can expand with your company and fits all of your small business needs. Using an ERP to manage your business will allow you to keep track of all of your resources, business operations, and sales, which will increase your productivity. Businesses can manage all of their finances, inventories, sales, purchases, HR, and customer support on one platform with the aid of StackFX ERP Software. You should have an understanding of your needs before choosing an ERP Software solution. What are the main things you want your ERP system to handle? What issues are you currently dealing with? You'll be able to choose the ERP software that simplifies your life by addressing these issues. A cloud ERP system is an option if your budget is stringent and you don't want to invest in new infrastructure to deploy the ERP.

POS software from StackFX

The waiter and the kitchen were able to communicate easily and without issue. faster and more expert services to increase client satisfaction. a well-run kitchen where raw materials are used properly to raise the standard and lower human error. All things are made simple and straightforward to execute by our restaurant POS software in the Hong Kong. It's challenging to manage a restaurant. You have a list of tasks to complete, from handling order taking to checking on the stock. Your restaurant may be managed effectively with the aid of StackFX Restaurant POS, a specially designed POS solution. StackFX provides all the features necessary to satisfy your demands, from billing to inventory management. You may get precise insights on the whole restaurant industry via StackFX. Reduce waste, lower operating costs, manage tables easily, send food orders straight from the POS to the KDS, and always greet guests with a huge grin.

POS Software for Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

The major food retail channel is comprised of supermarkets and grocery stores. Our supermarket software provides you total control over your business and complies flawlessly with all regulations. Your task will be made simple by developing distinct offers and campaigns well in advance. At your supermarket, a decent point of sale system makes things simple and practical. With the correct pos system, you can manage your inventory, process payments swiftly, and cultivate positive client relationships. You should take into account a few elements, such as speed and the variety of payment options, when you contemplate purchasing POS Software for your grocery store or supermarket. In order to assist you deliver great customer service, our supermarket software contains an integrated barcode scanner and a separate module for recording client information. See how simple it is to handle your sales, inventory, staff, accounts, and customers by checking out our product.

POS Software for Electrical and Electronics Stores

The most thriving and well-diversified sector in the global economy is the electrical and electronic industry, which includes manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, merchants, electrical engineers, electricians, producers of electronic equipment, and labour unions. This industry has been expanding quickly because to the development of novel technologies and a rising client preference for electronic products and services. Numerous electronic retailers use our POS system for a reason. Stores all over the market prefer our POS system to manage their workflow, whether it be for comprehensive inventory management or cloud-based capabilities. Our intelligent electronic store POS is crucial for gathering information across the company and controlling stocks across channels from a single dashboard at any time, anywhere. A competent POS system makes it feasible to manage suppliers, track employee performance, organise stock, organise purchase orders, and more. It provides a bird's-eye view of the entire company.

Software for Saloon & Spa

Do you operate a salon? Do you want to run it effectively? Do you aspire to run a successful company that fosters good relationships with its clients? If so, you want a strong and effective salon management system that can provide you the functions and features you need to run your entire company from beginning. In order to assist salon owners run their businesses more productively, profitably, and efficiently, we have created a robust salon management software that takes into account all the challenges that they may encounter. a device that can preserve transparency and keep all of your company's employees informed about its state. Businesses in the beauty sector all around the world may expand, reach millions of clients, and save time with the help of our salon software. We provide appealing features and specifications that may assist you in managing various business activities, like billing, inventory monitoring, payroll processing, customer engagement, developing marketing plans, etc. You may schedule appointments with the aid of the programme. Every time a customer calls to make an appointment, you should enter their name, phone number, arrival time, and intended purpose into the programme. The client will receive a reminder regarding the appointment, and the staff will also receive a reminder regarding the customer's arrival.

Healthcare POS software and pharmacy software

One of the risky industries is the pharmaceutical one. the area of health sciences that focuses on taking medications in a safe and efficient manner. We need to examine numerous minute details, such as interpreting doctor prescriptions and taking the medicine expiration date into account, in order to maintain medical equipment or medications. It is crucial for both online and offline pharmaceutical firms to have a system that aids in promptly meeting client requests as online businesses continue to increase their market share. a technique that can aid pharmacies in monitoring inventory levels and preventing the needless accumulation of product that may soon expire or become obsolete. Additionally, a pharmacy needs to make sure that it keeps its current consumers by giving them discounts on specific items.

Clothes & Clothing POS Software

One of the most unique and frequently ongoing trends in fashion nowadays is seen in the clothes and apparel sector. Even though this is often at the top of the market, brand loyalty that does exist is more likely to be to the designer than the store. Short product life cycles, extensive product diversification, rapid demand change, and somewhat slow and rigid supply systems all characterise this business. You will need to take a few actions as a developing company to keep on top of the unpredictable and cutthroat clothes and apparel market. It should come as no surprise that one of the world's fastest growing markets is clothes, apparel, or fashion. However, a few difficulties also arise with the increase. The development of technology like smartphones has increased the importance of customers in the whole selling-and-buying operation. By providing better customer service, this enables clothing and apparel manufacturers to retain consistency in their offers and foster favourable client relationships. This market is also quite diversified. The market is unclear due to a number of issues, including fierce competition, a shorter buying cycle, a diversity of sizes, colours, and styles, seasonal changes in clothing preferences, and varying customer expectations based on age, preferences, and region. A fashion store must, of course, constantly monitor their supplies to make sure they have enough to match client demand. These companies must be adaptable. People are quite concerned about their clothing and accessories since they are such deeply personal products. Customers may stop buying from you if there is minor damage or if the desired colour, size, or type is not available. Therefore, it is crucial to create a system that will guarantee that the appropriate product is available in the proper amounts at the proper place. All of this must be completed at reasonable costs without sacrificing productivity or customer service.